Living Frames Recommend-ucation Series: Podcasts

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For this installment in our Recommend-ucation Series, we wanted to tackle the podcast realm of filmmaking for when your eyes are going a little crossed from watching too much television. No, is that just us? Okay. Well, in any case, whether you need a film podcast for a long drive, during a run outside, or for a laugh while you're cooking a meal, we got you covered! These options cover just about everything including, screenwriting advice, low budget filmmaking tips, freelancer adventures and hilarious film reviews.

These are just a few of our favorites, but if there's any filmmaking podcasts you all subscribe to, comment on our social media pages with which ones we should check out! 

- The Film Riot Podcast - Ryan Connolly, who is a shining example of YouTube directors, talks to other artists about their journeys to become filmmakers in a format that’s both educational and entertaining. Every episode has nuggets of invaluable information for anyone who wants to work in the industry, coming from people who know the struggle just like you and me.

- In Love With The Process - This is the “chill with a friend and talk over a beer” type of filmmaking podcast. Filmmaker Mike Pecci digs deep into different roles in the industry by interviewing various types of artists and expanding his (and listeners) knowledge of the filmmaking process. There are episodes focused on everything from photographers and producers to chefs and porn stars. It’s a fun and interesting dynamic, very informal, and extremely addictive. *WARNING* this one is definitely not suitable around children.

- Just Shoot It - Matt Enlow and Oren Kaplan are two commercial directors who want to break into the film industry. This is similar in style to other podcasts mentioned on this list, but what makes it special are the guests. We hear from a wide range of players from television producers, managers, agents, big-time directors, independent directors, gaffers, writers and so much more. I feel that listening to these people talk about their jobs gives me a better understanding of the industry as a whole, which makes for a more well-rounded approach to breaking in. 

- Good. - This podcast has been through some shifts and delays, but it remains a staple for information on how to navigate the freelance world of filmmaking. It’s honest, unique, and the guests interviewed are from an entirely different batch of filmmakers, focusing more on commercials and client work rather than the journey to feature films.

- Indie Film Hustle - There’s a lot of information here on the backside of independent filmmaking like how to raise funds, allocate budget, pitch ideas, schedule and shoot your small budget feature. There’s a pretty large back catalog of this podcast to run through if you’re in the binging mood.

- How Did This Get Made? - This recommendation is a bit of a curveball because it doesn’t really address how movies got made from a technical standpoint. Instead, it tackles the question, who decided making these movies was a good idea in the first place? A group of comedians get together after watching notoriously bad films, or odd cult classics and lightheartedly joke about what they thought about the movie including the good parts, the hilariously bad parts and everything in between.