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Strong digital marketing is vital to the development of any successful business. Here at Living Frames, our passion is to produce innovative and engaging visual content for brands to help accomplish their marketing goals!

After many years of working in various production environments, we established Living Frames in 2011. We set out to couple our love of storytelling through film with our background in deadline-driven environments to form a creative company well-versed in delivering quality content to our clients. We work with a variety of businesses, from Fortune 100 companies down to those on Main Street. We love challenging ourselves in order to produce work we are proud of and that our clients are excited to use.

Meet Our Team


  • Digital Video Marketing Digital Video Marketing
    Josh Cease Producer & DP

    An export of West Virginia, Josh has been “in the business” since the age of 16. Working at an NBC affiliate, he learned every aspect of news and quickly fell in love with the camera specifically. His introduction to production came in 2006 when a major film rolled through his college town (We Are Marshall) and he fell in love with that process. He hit Orlando in 2007 and Living Frames was born shortly after.

    Josh loves: well-crafted puns, any new Taco Bell invention and his weird little family.
    Josh hates: talking about Josh in the third person.

  • Digital Video Marketing Digital Video Marketing
    Dustin Weible Lead Editor & Colorist

    Dustin became fascinated by filmmaking at the age of 3 after watching the masterpiece, Jurassic Park. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Media Arts, Dustin worked with several commercial production companies and as Co-Writer/Assistant Director for a feature film, Faith’s Song. Dustin has aspirations to help expand the local Orlando film community and bring more opportunities to those who love the craft period.

    Dustin Loves: pizza, screenwriting, traveling and his beautiful wife Savanna.
    Dustin Hates: mayonnaise and screenwriting.

  • Digital Video Marketing Digital Video Marketing
    Victoria Marx Editor & Marketing Coordinator

    Born and raised in South Jersey, Victoria has a passion for film that spans back to when her parents let her watch The Haunting at an age that would be deemed questionable. Her obsession with filmmaking developed into a focus on editing and screenwriting. After college, she became a marketing coordinator, where she discovered a new interest in exploring the variety of ways to visually present a story to an audience.

    Victoria Loves: folk music, baking shows and that The Expendables franchise is still going.
    Victoria Hates: avocados and the current epidemic of putting avocados on everything.


We offer video production services to clients in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, throughout Florida and around the world!
Our services include: Pre-Production | Production | Post-Production

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